Serving Students In PreK - 8th Grade

Resurrection Lutheran School
4520 19th Avenue NW
Rochester, MN 55901


  • What is the cost of Christian education at RLS?

    The cost to educate a full time student at Resurrection Lutheran is $5900.

    Tuition Support: 

    We have four Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) churches in the sourrounding area that make Christian education part of their ministry and support member families so that students can attend at a more affordable rate.  This congregational support is anywhere between 50% and 75% of the student cost.  Most full time students then pay $1475-2900 annually.  In addition, both members and nonmembers can apply for additional tuition assistance. 

    If you are in need of a church home or are interested in hearing more about our ministry, we would be happy to visit more with you about church membership. Ask about our Lambs to Rams Program to discuss a special program that is sure to give you time and opportunity to learn more about our church and school ministry.

    Payment Options: 
    There are a number of options for paying tuition.  It can be paid all at once at the start of the school year (August).  Otherwise, auto-withdrawal payment plans can be set up in a 12 month (June-May) or 9 month (September-May) option.

    Tuition is paid via our on-line management system "TADS" where you set up your own payment plan and withdrawls are completed automatically from your bank.   You may also pay at the school desk with cash or check--however we encourage all families to set up a TADS account.   

  • Can I schedule a school tour?

    Please contact our Principal, Mr. Ron Helmers, to arrange a tour at 507-282-8280.

  • Do you run a full day or half day kindergarten?

    We currently offer full day kindergarten.   Kindergarten students take a rest break (nap) after lunch/recess to recharge their batteries.

    School doors open at 7:30am every morning.   Classes start promptly at 7:50 and we dismiss at 2:35.

  • When was RLS established?

    Resurrection Lutheran Church began operating Resurrection Lutheran School in the fall of 1970 as a one room school with thirteen students from kindergarten through grade five.  The school was blessed with continual growth, with grade eight being added by 1973, and a second full-time teacher by 1975.  In 1977 the school enrollment was 54.  The fall of 1985 saw the opening in the new school building with 3 1/2 teachers and 77 students.  Just three years later, another teacher was added to the staff to serve 105 students.  We moved into our beautiful new school addition in January of 2002 and now have seven classrooms and 130 students.

    Resurrection Lutheran School is part of the fourth largest parochial school system in the United States.  We are one of over 360 schools with a total enrollment of about 30,000 pupils taughts by 2,000 teachers.  Resurrection Lutheran School is closely associated with the others schools of the Minnesota District and the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod through conferences and school events.

  • Where are you located?

    Just click on the map on the home page to find a map to Resurrection.

  • How would you describe the curriculum at Resurrection?

    Resurrection Lutheran School uses an eclectic approach to curriculum choices.  There are usually philosophies on all each side of a wide spectrum that describe instructional resources and methods, each with some merit. We study all and take the best from each.  Some examples:

    Reading:  Most children learn best using a phonics approach; some learn with a sight word approach.  Some are able to learn in a group setting; and some learn best in a small group or individually.  There is a structure to a reading textbook that covers all the important facets of learning-to-read, and a more natural feel to using a class set of books from the library.  While we lean towards the organized and scaffolded strategies of a reading textbook and the phonics of the Orton-Gillingham approach, our program uses each of these.

    Math:  Students need to know both the basic operations and how to solve real-world problems.  The first can be done with some drill and practice, and the second through the time-taking investigation and exploration of the patterns and relationships of numbers.  Our program emphasizes the concepts of mathematics in K-3 and the application of the concepts in grades 4-8.

    Science:  We found that the easiest way to teach science is from a textbook, but most learning occurs through discovery.  So we have implemented a hands-on approach to science instruction in grades 1-8.

    In addition, the staff receives a minimum of 25 hours of professional growth experiences each school year.

  • How do you serve students with exceptional needs?

    We recognize that not all students learn the same way.  Some are exceptionally gifted, and so our teachers have been trained to offer alternate methods of determining if the student has mastered the content, which can free up time for them to explore their areas of interest.  Some students are also exceptionally challenged, and so we have begun to build up alterative resources to help students learn -- especially math and reading.  We also have teacher assistants who help our teachers meet the student's individual needs.

    We have a two-track mathematics program for upper grades.  One course covers the basic concepts of linear algebra and is equivalent to the Linear Algebra course that the Rochester Public Schools (RPS) use for most eighth grade students.  Other students may be prepared to take the equivalent of the RPS accelerated track which address the full content of both Linear Algebra and Intermediate Algebra, and will include some basic geometry.

  • What extra curricular activities does Resurrection offer?

    In addition to the high standards academic curricula offered, there are opportunities for participation in soccer, cross country, volleyball, basketball, and softball for grades 5-8; a special soccer and track day for grades 1-8; a band program for grades 5-8; a yearbook staff for eighth graders, and many opportunities to volunteer and serve in our school and church.  Each year classrooms perform a play for our school families, and work on an annual learning fair project.

    See also our Athletics page for more information.

  • What are the teacher qualifications at Resurrection?

    All of our seven staff members have a B.S. degree in education, and over half have earned a masters degree or are in the process of earning a masters degree in education.

  • What is the average class size?

    Our kindergarten classes have been 14-18 students, and there are about 16 students in each of the grade 1-4 classrooms.  Our grade 5-6 and grade 7-8 classrooms have averaged 26-30 students.  Our goal is to have one classroom per grade level.

  • What is your school schedule?

    The school doors open at 7:30, with the first class beginning at 7:50.  The bus students leave on their buses at 2:40pm and we ask that the students who travel by car be picked up between 2:40-2:50pm (with the cars lined up after the buses for pick up).

    About half of our students use car pooling or parents to travel to and from schoool.  Another half use Rochester School Bus, the same bus system used by Rochester Public Schools.

  • How do I apply?

    We have an application form for newly enrolling student.  Click here for the application form, or call the school office at 507-282-8280 for a copy.  Your basic contact information is requested, along with the school name, contact information, and records (if transferring).

    We would like families to become familiar with our church and school ministries, so we treat those who express that interest just as we would our members by offering the member tuition rate for up to one year.  Your child will be participating in religious classes four times a week, so we ask that parents talk to a pastor from one of the four supporting churches in order to set up a time to learn more about our Bible teachings.  The dozen or so hours it takes, allows parents to understand what we are teaching in the classroom.

  • Can my kids still get bused to/from RLS?

    About half of RLS students are bused, and the other half are dropped off and picked up by parents or guardians to start and end the school day.  If you are outside the 1.25 mile radius of RLS, your students can be bused to/from RLS through the local public school bus system.  Registration for transportation must be done through the Edison Building.  Please call district transportation at 507-328-4223 to make arrangements.

  • What opportunities do students have to use technology?

    We have a fully functioning mobile lab of Chromebooks.  Classrooms have the opportunity to work on typing skills, netiquette (commonsensemedia.org) or Google App programs.  In addition, all classrooms are equipped with LCD projectors, and SMART Boards for interactive student learning experiences.

  • Are there opportunities for parents to be involved or volunteer?

    Classroom teachers routinely look for parent help in the classroom.  In the classroom, there might be opportunities to coordinate book orders, read to or listen to children read, help with the classroom theatrical drama, or assist teachers in planning field trips or classroom parties (Reformation, Christmas and Easter).  Parents are invited to join in our school chapel services held on the last day of each four or five day school week.  Chapel begins at 8:00am in the Resurrection Lutheran Church sanctuary and last approximately 20 minutes.  There are also opportunities to volunteer in FACE (our Families Active in Christian Education, school-based PTA) as well as volunteering as coaches or assistant coaches for our school athletic program.  Speak with the Athletic Director, Miss Anne Hagglund, if you are interested.

    ** For the safety of all children, we do ask all volunteers to give permission to the school to do a routine background check.

  • Who can enroll at RLS?

    Resurrection Lutheran School admits students of any race, color, national, and ethnic group origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities made available to students at the school.  It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national, and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, financial assistance, athletic programs, or any other school-administered programs.