What is “Scrip”?
Scrip is “substitute money.” By purchasing scrip, you are purchasing negotiable prepaid gift cards or gift certificates that are used like cash to purchase expenses such as food, clothing, and other essentials at the retail business which issued the gift card.

Generating Revenue for our School
Our organization buys scrip gift cards from Great Lakes Scrip Center at a discount and then resells those cards at full face value to families like yours.  GLSC acts on behalf of churches, schools and non-profit organizations to purchase large amounts of scrip (gift cards) from grocery and department stores and retailers.  The cards are purchased with cash up-front, so the participating retailers offer a substantial discount.

With every scrip purchase made from our scrip program, you earn revenue for our school which we share with our school families.  Half of the discount, which ranges from 2-18%, becomes school revenue; the other half is applied toward school families’ tuition reduction.

Scrip On-Hand
Scrip from the following retailers is available for purchase during the week in the school office or on Sundays between services. More retailers are available to order on-line (see info above).

Bath & Body Works
Burger King
Caribou Coffee
Kwik Trip
Noodles & Company
Papa Murphy’s
Red Lobster/Olive Garden
Taco Bell
Texas Roadhouse
Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club

Ordering Scrip

Scrip can be ordered online or in-person at RLS.
To order online:
1. Visit www.shopwithscrip.com
2. Use enrollment code: Get enrollment code from the school office
To order in-person:
1. Download & print the order form
2. Return to main office on Mondays