I like it at Resurrection because of all of the nice kids and teachers. I like that we learn God’s word. I love the small school because you know everybody.

Ethan B. Current Student

The reason I want to come to Resurrection is because of all the loving things I learn here and how much I get to learn about Jesus. I have many blessings coming to this school like making tons of friends and interacting with teachers.

Addison L. Current Student

I like going to this school because the Gospel is strong here. There are also good students, and it’s easy to make friends. The teachers and food are pretty awesome!

Jonathan S. Current Student

I like Resurrection because everyone is like family. We share God’s Word together, and we build each other up. Resurrection is an extra opportunity to talk about fellowship and our forgiveness. Resurrection is a great school to learn God’s Word!

Evan W. Current Student

I like Resurrection because it’s a Christian friendly environment. All the teachers and staff aids are really helpful and help us prepare for high school.

8th Grader Current Student

The blessings of going to this school are that we have amazing teachers and receive God’s Word everyday!

8th Grader Current Student

There was a really strong focus on academic excellence. My transition into high school was relatively easy. Academically, I felt well prepared and was able to excel in classes.

Lauren P Resurrection Alumnus

If you’re looking for a Christ-centered education taught by caring individuals, this is the perfect place for you!

Lauren P Resurrection Alumnus

RLS was such a blessing to me as I was growing up. With smaller class sizes, you really got to know your classmates and teachers well. There are still teachers and classmates I stay in touch with today!

Lauren P Resurrection Alumnus

If you want your child to receive a Christ-focused, quality education from teachers who truly care about the long term success & well-being of their students, consider choosing RLS. It is a welcoming community that encourages parents & students alike to never stop learning & growing.

Becca G. Resurrection Alumnus

The understanding they (RLS) develop of each child’s strengths & weaknesses helps staff create unique opportunities designed to capitalize on each student’s strengths. Students struggling receive extra support. Students excelling are directed toward higher levels of learning.

Becca G. Resurrection Alumnus

One of the greatest blessings has been that they have remained close friends with RLS classmates all throughout high school, college and beyond. I believe this is because of the environment that RLS provided–personal, caring, value-based, Christian education provided by professionals that take teaching as a calling and not just a job.

Andrea Swanson Former Resurrection Parent

Resurrection Lutheran is not just a school, it is a home. I am so grateful.

Susanna Morelos Resurrection Parent

The experience has been positive. The teachers/staff are very friendly and are always willing to answer any questions. The school sets high standards for behavior and academics and makes sure that they are learning about Jesus and what it means to be one of His followers.

Matt Scheckel Former Resurrection Parent

Both of my children transitioned very well into public school. Academically, they were ahead of many of their peers as they entered high school. They had options to take advanced classes as well as honors options. What a blessing that was when applying for college!

Andrea Swanson Former Resurrection Parent

I had a great experience at Resurrection. Some of the friends I made are my closest friends even 10+ years after we left Resurrection. More importantly, the foundations of faith that were built there were the building blocks for future study of Scripture and the strengthening of my relationship with my Savior.

Matthew S. Resurrection Alumnus

I appreciated the ability to have great connections with faculty. Being able to have a small teacher student ratio helped with feeling comfortable and that I could connect well with them. It was also great being able to connect with all faculty regardless of what classroom you were in. It helped with transition to new classrooms and teachers each year. 

Ryan H. Resurrection Alumnus